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Martisan Floors, located in Holbrook MA, USA, is engaged in manufacturing and distributing stylish and quality hardwood floors, as well as residential and commercial luxury vinyl floors.  Supported by decades of experience and expertise in the flooring industry, Martisan offers exclusive innovations that keep your floors beautiful and sustainable.


Martisan has a large facility readily available to fulfill clients' orders, including floor customizations. We carefully select quality materials and use the state-of-the-art equipment in floor production. Our mission is to ensure that each customer receives the highest quality product with greatest care and prompt delivery. 


Martisan is committed to producing eco-friendly floors. We are very strict in balancing the goal of adding character to architectural structures while ensuring the preservation of our natural resources. We use wood from responsibly managed forests in Europe and the U.S., and eco-friendly adhesives. Our products surpass the strictest health standards in the US and other countries.  

MAS501 room scene.jpg
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